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The Brand

Aynaa emerged in 2019 with a modest beginning in a single room, driven by the vision of two women determined to revolutionize the way ethnic wear was embraced in India. During that time, individuals seeking fashionable options faced the dilemma of either navigating big stores with exorbitant prices or enduring the arduous process of consulting tailors, searching for designs, fabrics, and enduring multiple alterations.

Aynaa swiftly emerged as the solution—a ready-to-wear brand renowned for its versatile and affordable casual-wear for women. The brand's distinctiveness lies in its adept utilization of experimental textiles, vibrant prints, and intricate craftsmanship. Over time, Aynaa has expanded its horizons to encompass various categories, including the introduction of men's wear.

At Aynaa, the spirit of innovation thrives, with new releases every week featuring the finest young talent sourced from esteemed design schools across India. This collaboration ensures that the brand consistently offers contemporary aesthetics that are distinctive and unparalleled in comparison to its competitors. Aynaa's journey exemplifies its dedication to providing accessible, stylish, and ethically produced products.

Aynaa's commitment extends beyond fashion; by providing employment opportunities to rural women, the brand not only improves the economic circumstances of these families but also manages to maintain competitive pricing. This dual purpose of empowering rural women and offering affordability contributes to Aynaa's overall appeal and resonates with conscientious customers who value businesses that prioritize positive societal impact.