About Us – House of Aynaa Private Limited

 If you too are tired of wearing the same mass-manufactured clothes and accessories that everyone around you has, welcome to Aynaa. 

At Aynaa, we are a community, a family of up-and-coming designers, local artisans and, craftsmen from different arts and crafts of India. We strive to unveil those creators who have been hiding behind the retailer, hiding behind the distributor and those long intermediary chains.

What is our mission?

Aynaa's primary goal is to enable fans of Indian creations to realize their passion while allowing creators to live with theirs.

To do this, on the one hand, we are building the tools and the framework so that Indian creators can sell more, better and above all together! On the other hand, we offer to enthusiasts, the best way to buy from the largest selection of Indian creations, in all transparency and simplicity. 

This mission begins with building the best way to buy, sell and discover the Made Of India creation from all over the world.

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