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All about block printing

Far away from the city hustle and bustle an extra miles you travel…experience the contrasting life of the land of Royals. Surrounded with the golden shimmered sun kissed desert and majestic palaces.

Rajasthan is a treasure trove of history and one can spend years trying to unearth its hidden gems. Every time, you will get blown away with the architecture, culture, and tradition.

Rajasthan is myriad of colors; the textile represents the myriad hue woven in the cloth. Be it the multi colored tie and dye work or excellent block printing, Rajasthan astonishes the entire world with its skill and efficiency. The closely knit streets splashed with color and the smells of freshly dyed fabric drifts through the air. The tan skins draped in beautiful intricate fabrics are magnificent.

Every street you will see the head wrapped around in yardage of textile, there is a saying that “The fashion of men’s turbans and the patterns on the women’s skirts alters every twenty four miles.”

This beautiful colour splashed streets and the shimmered desert canvas of Rajasthan is truly inspiring, capturing this magnificent canvas and portraying through the products will simply turn your head.

Ode to Earth is introducing the craft of Rajasthan in a whole new way keeping the modern aesthetic appeal and the traditional touch alive. Ode to Earth has started the fascinating journey; have brought the world closer to the Indian crafts. They are immensely dedicated in creating unique and classy interpretation of the exquisite crafts. They have associated with different artesian and independent small producer envisaged as a bridge between the primary producers and the consumer.

Ode to Earth is a specialized affiliate of ACCESS Development Services with an aim to link small producers to the mainstream markets. Under the initiative of co creating wealth, Ode to Earth provides sustainable livelihoods to small and primary producers through a network that facilitates access to mainstream markets with business intelligence.

Ode to Earth works with small producer groups based in remote villages and towns in around eight locations like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, UP, MP, Uttarakhand, Himachal and North-east. They endeavor to strengthen economic security in vulnerable communities by providing design tech and management input thus empowering them to produce excellent quality of products which are then marketed to urban consumers through various marketing initiative.

The Primary producers associated with Ode to Earth produces a blend of eco-friendly and ethnic products which include Home Accessories, Fashion Jewellery, Scarves and Stoles, Stationery Essentials etc. All the products are hand-crafted to perfection by artisans giving attention to intricate details such as the use of natural colors, recyclable raw materials and traditional techniques of production.

Their product doesn’t depict selling but it plays a key role as a storyteller and bringing the social, economical and commercial benefit to the artisan life. They desire to become the melody through which the artesian can connect through entire world.

They believe in celebrating the handcrafted product, which is a representation of Indian artisan’s immense dedication and superior talent. We Bunosilo welcome with open heart…being an ethically and sustainable driven company it’s a privilege for us to collaborate with brands like Ode to earth.

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